to be retired on June 18th 2014



It’s with a heavy heart that I am announcing that the site will be shut down after 18 years.  This decision comes after several months of deliberation and the recent announcement that the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses has itself, after 18 years has  established a persistent web presence at 

Virtually all the content on this site is duplicated there in some context, and in truth, the new sites presentation, format and support is superior to this one, which I  “hand built” using a “vi” editor back in 1996!

After June 18th, 2014, clicking on will get you this page from which you can click the above link to navigate to the new site.

I want to thank all those who supported me throughout the past 18 years and pray that the mission will continue to spread the messages of Our Lady at Bayside and for the salvation of souls.

We will continue to maintain an internet presence for the next several months and can be reached via email at

God Bless….

“The Webmaster….”